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AJ Marks is the head and founder of the Bashed Ice Production Cast. He directs, produces, and acts in every movie as well as producing soundtracks and albums for the cast members. He works closely with Livy Galarneau, having her included in every movie he has ever produced. His first official film was BlockBuster, a movie about a movie, released in late December 2012. His singing career includes a cover album with Livy Galarneau entitled Dirty Picture, a cover album entitled TBA, and his work as the lead singer of the rockband Black Diamonds.

Early Work

AJ's first notable work included a 2011 amature reality TV-show called "Summer Diaries" starring him and his sisters as they document their summer. The show was cancelled after 8 episodes and was about to be relaunched in the summer of 2012 but was cancelled again. The recurring cast included Nick Calnan, Wolfgang, and Dennis and Amy Marks. Henry McIntyre, Mike DeAngelis, Gia Manganiello and Julia Marshall were also featured in the 8 aired episodes.

Veronica's Movie was a short film produced by AJ starring Ronni Rok, himself, Miranda Marks, and Courtney Cronan. It was produced in June 2012 for part of the relaunching of Summer Diaries, but was realeased as a 5 minute film with bloopers and a trailer after Summer Diaries was never relauched.


AJ's first work with HCTV was BlockBuster, "a movie about a movie". His credits in the movie include Director, Executive Producer, Screenwriter, Production Coordinator, Line Producer, Casting Director, Location Manager, Scenic Desginer, Props Master, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Gaffer, Dialogue/Sound Editor, and Film Editor. He also played the supporting role of James Logan in the film.