Dirty Picture is an album put together by AJ Marks and Livy Galarneau and produced and mixed by AJ Marks. Featured artists include BIPC members Ronni Rok, Grace Kinnaird, and Jordan Feeney. It is due to release in 2013.


The tracks on this album are put together usually in the same way; either Livy or AJ chooses a duet to sing and the other has to agree. AJ and Livy both agreed to do one solo song each, AJ chose Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney and Livy chose Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson, but both songs were ditched and re-distributed to their solo albums.

  1. Two Is Better Than One
  2. Dirty Picture
  3. Ass Back Home
  4. If We Ever Meet Again
  5. Good Time
  6. Tongue-Tied (feat. Jordan Feeney)

Ditched Songs

  1. Beautiful Soul (AJ solo)
  2. California King Bed (Livy solo)
  3. Starstrukk
  4. Dark Side (Livy solo)